HEDIS Abstraction: A Seasonal Remote Gig for Nurses

As a nurse, wouldn’t you love a supplemental job that allows you to work from home without seeing, touching, or even speaking to patients? HEDIS Abstraction might be for you!

On our Facebook group Remote Nursing Jobs, I am often asked about HEDIS abstraction and how nurses can find remote work in this lesser known specialty.

Remote HEDIS Abstraction was actually my very first remote nursing job and helped pave the way for my remote future. It can be a great way to break in to both the remote nursing field and also the data abstraction & quality improvement fields!

What is HEDIS?

HEDIS stands for the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set and it is a tool used every year by the majority of health plans to measure quality of care.

There are a plethora of quality measures in the areas of childhood immunizations, cancer screenings, diabetes care, hypertension control, behavioral health monitoring, and much more. Because of the wide variety of specialty areas, HEDIS Abstraction has something to offer for almost any nurse!

For more info on HEDIS, check out the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the full list of HEDIS Measures.

What is HEDIS Data Abstraction?

To put in simply, data abstraction is the process of reviewing a full story and pulling key information that can be transformed into measured data for quality monitoring, clinical research, and more.

HEDIS nurses review medical records and abstract information like blood pressure readings, dates of immunizations, and results of diabetic eye exams. This data is tracked on a larger scale to measure how well health plans and providers follow appropriate care guidelines which helps determine their overall quality.

When is HEDIS season?

The HEDIS quality improvement cycle is a year-round effort. HEDIS data abstraction is just one (significant) piece of that cycle.

During this time, nurses evaluate charts from the previous measurement year (so in 2022, charts will be reviewed from 2021).

The data abstraction portion is a seasonal option for nurses and a great way to build supplemental cashflow for the summer vacation you will so desperately need after finishing up a busy HEDIS season!

After May, the HEDIS results are reviewed by auditors and, by the end of the year, the results are ready for reporting, just in time for the next HEDIS abstraction season to begin!

What is the pay for HEDIS abstraction?

Typically Remote HEDIS Abstraction nurses will make anywhere from $25-$35+ per hour depending on experience and location.

Though HEDIS abstraction is seasonal and temporary, companies offer both full-time and part-time hours during this time. Some companies require the nurse to work during business hours (M-F 8-5) while others allow you to get your hours in any time by the end of the week. Chart volume can also vary from week-to-week and even morning-to-night, so the total estimated income can vary.

Many nurses do HEDIS abstraction as a seasonal “side gig” in addition to their normal jobs. 

Are all HEDIS Abstraction Jobs Remote?

No. In fact, many HEDIS positions are locally-based and require the nurse to travel to physician offices and review charts on-site. However, more and more companies are offering remote HEDIS abstraction opportunities where these medical records are uploaded to electronic portals that can be reviewed by nurses working remotely from home (in their pajamas)!

How do I become qualified for HEDIS abstraction?

Most nurses gain experience on the job (typically on-site). In addition to applying to any remote HEDIS Abstraction job you can find, my biggest advice for landing a remote role is to first gain at least 1 “season” of HEDIS experience. Look in your local community for HEDIS positions. Having at least 1 season under your belt will make you much more marketable for remote HEDIS abstraction roles in subsequent seasons. 

Another thing you can do is review your job history. Have you worked in a physician office that complied with HEDIS guidelines? Are you knowledgeable of HEDIS measures? Have any of your job duties supported HEDIS compliance? Have you done any chart review or data abstraction outside of HEDIS? Tailor your resume to highlight these attributes. Most nurses are experienced at the bedside and this is reflected in almost every nursing resume. How can you show you have HEDIS-related experience?

Side note: if you are in need of a new nursing resume, check out The Resume RX! Amanda is an NP and Nursing Resume expert who offers resume templates and her signature Weekend Resume Makeover Course (which I highly recommend).

Do HEDIS positions offer benefits?

Many HEDIS abstraction positions are contract, temporary, seasonal jobs that do not offer benefits even though you may be working full-time hours.

You may be designated a 1099 independent contractor, meaning you employ yourself and need to manage your own tax responsibility (taxes are not taken out of every paycheck). You should set aside about 30-40% of your paycheck for this and be sure to track your total seasonal income for reporting on your tax return. Adding on 1099 work might be a good time to hire an accountant if you haven’t already.

Being a contractor is really not as intimidating as it sounds, especially with an accountant or income & tax tracking software to assist you. And, of course, an occasional call to the IRS… after a 2-hour hold (just kidding— the IRS website is EXTREMELY helpful and can mitigate the need for most calls).

Which Companies Hire Remote HEDIS Nurses?

When Should I Start Looking for HEDIS positions?

HEDIS Abstraction job postings start going up in early Fall, around mid-September with the peak time being October-November. Interviews are typically conducted in November-December with hiring decisions made by December-January for start dates of January-February.

Here are some common job titles you may see:

  • HEDIS Abstractor

  • HEDIS Abstraction Nurse

  • HEDIS Review Nurse

  • Abstraction Nurse

  • Quality Abstractor

  • Data Abstractor

  • HEDIS Specialist

You can find current Remote HEDIS positions on The Remote Nurse Job Board using our HEDIS Specialty keyword search.

Want to be the first to see all the Remote HEDIS Nurse jobs scattered around the internet? Stop spending hours searching! I already have a system in place.

Join The Remote Nurse Membership where I find, organize, and share new remote nursing jobs directly to your inbox every weekday so you can get on with your life. All jobs are shared privately to members for 1 whole week before being shared out to the larger social media community. Plus, membership is month-to-month, meaning you can cancel any time.


HEDIS abstraction can be a great option for nurses looking to make supplemental income while never stepping foot outside their house (no, really, HEDIS season can get so busy that you may not leave the house for 5 months).

Make sure to figure out your local grocery delivery services ahead of time. Get comfortable with wearing the same disgusting clothes for days on end. 

As a hermit who loves making money and neglects personal hygiene on the regular, I’m all in!

How about you?

Sadie Glisson

Sadie Glisson BSN, RN, CTR is the Founder of ‘The Remote Nurse, ‘an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

Love, Light, & Ebi

ebi nurselifern

I had no idea who the soul was behind @nurselifern – all I knew was that it touched mine.

This incredible nursing meme King had an incomprehensible way of both strengthening our bond with collective (hilarious) empowerment— while simultaneously releasing our pain with such raw vulnerability.
With this passing of Ebi and after a year of such pain, shadow, and grief in our healthcare community, we FEEL this with such a heavy, painful, and life-erasing exhale…. and in that, we leave a hollow, cracked shell of our chests. A suffocating vacuum, whose pressure begins to send micro-shockwaves, slowly reverberating and splintering the surface of the shell.
Splinters turn to cracks, cracks turn to openings, and in our utter panic & grief, we brace ourselves and gaze upwards to see what’s next, only to notice quiet beams of light beginning to shine through the cracks.
The shell continues to break down completely… shattered and jagged pieces shoot down into our abyss, convincing us that each passing raw edge will be the end of us.
And as our shell crumbles completely upon us, a blinding light blasts through with an unbounding force, and we realize… rather than the internal pressure of our sorrowed vacuum, it is actually our incredible light force that has pierced, destroyed, and freed us from the suffocation of our structures.
And now, we sit in the rubble, at the end of our inhale, with nothing left to take, no oxygen left to sustain, no time left to waste… and we are given the delicate gift to choose: what’s next?
As we begin to release our grip, let go, and give up… we realize that not everyone is given this choice. And not everyone has this power.

A power that saves the lives of our world, but now needs to turn around and save itself.
It is now our responsibility to draw upon our collective light force and with every available cell of our being, we violently push out an irreversible, unbounding, blinding explosion of power… an-all consuming exhale that never accommodates a vacuum again, and we start becoming the energy instead of falling underneath it. We start speaking, and we start demanding.
We start demanding dignified treatment.
We start demanding fair pay.
We start demanding safe working conditions.
We start demanding respect for the value of OUR beings rather than forcing ourselves to sit within the chambers of theirs.
We start demanding accountability and expulsion for the misdoings of others rather than internalizing OUR GIFTS of love, kindness, and strength to uphold the cruelty, and fragility, of others.
This is our moment to choose what’s next.
To Ebi, to all the souls lost this year, and to all healthcare professionals who have silently LOST THEMSELVES this year, this is our time. The light is shining through the cracks, and it’s our moment to choose what’s next.
What are you choosing, and how will you use your light? 💡

To donate to Ebi’s family, visit his GoFundMe here

Remote Nursing Jobs for LPNs and LVNs

One of the most common questions I get in our Remote Nursing Jobs Facebook Group is whether or not remote nursing jobs exist for LPNs and LVNs. The answer is YES! In fact, more opportunities exist than you might think.

Though many remote nursing jobs do require an RN license, I would say around 20%-30% of remote nursing jobs I see hire LPN/LVNs specifically or welcome a variety of nurses (LPN, LVN, and RN).

What are Remote Nursing Jobs?

First, what the heck is a remote nursing job? Basically, rather than providing direct patient care at the bedside, a remote nurse delivers nursing care through digital technology, like telephone, video, and even chat. 

Sure, you will not be cleaning wounds or pushing medications over the phone, but there are a variety of other nursing functions that can be done virtually. These include care coordination, triage, billing, patient education, and more.

Types of Remote Nursing Jobs for LPNs and LVNs

Case Management

Case Managers coordinate the care of an assigned caseload of patients to ensure continuity of care. Tasks may include referral management, assistance with obtaining prescriptions and equipment, and patient health education. Case Managers can serve generalized populations or even more specialized populations, like Transplant, Oncology, and Behavioral Health. 

One particular area that I often see jobs for LPNs and LVNs is Chronic Care Management (CCM). Patients qualify for CCM services if they have 2 or more chronic conditions and need additional assistance in managing these specific conditions.

Though Case Management and Chronic Care Management can overlap quite a bit, Case Management tends to focus more on ensuring continuity of care overall, whereas Chronic Care Management focuses more on the management of the health conditions themselves. However, the titles are sometimes used interchangeably in job postings. 

Additional Resources: 
About Chronic Care Management
About Case Management 
Case Management Institute

Utilization Management

Utilization Managers (UM) help to contain healthcare costs by ensuring services stay within standardized coverage guidelines. If service requests meet all predetermined standards, they get approved. If requests fall outside the allowable limits, they are declined and/or alternative options are recommended. This type of a role does not involve direct patient interaction and might be better for nurses who enjoy solitary tasks of reading, investigating, and decision making.

Additional Resource: What is Utilization Review?

Health Coach

Health Coaches assist patients in reaching their health goals by providing structured support in the form of targeted goal setting and behavior modification. Health Coach positions do not always require a nursing license, but due to their expert knowledge in health and patient education, companies often prefer nurses in these roles. If you are serious about Health Coaching, look into Health Coach certification as many companies require this even if you are a nurse (see link below for more info).

Additional Resource: Coaching, Health Coaching & Nurse Coaching


Coders translate medical services into billable codes. A Coder would review charts/cases and map services into the most appropriate codes in order to maximize reimbursement. While it’s true that most coding positions do not require a nursing license, there are some positions that prefer or even require the candidate to be both Coding certified and a licensed nurse.

Additional Resource: Career Guide Series: Medical Coding & Billing

Data Abstraction

Data Abstractors review medical records and pull key information in order to transform unstructured information into usable data. This data is used for quality monitoring, clinical research, and more. Abstraction tends to be one of the most flexible remote nursing jobs, but it does often require direct experience abstracting in clinical registries. Another data abstraction job offered seasonally is Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS).

Additional Resources:
Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)
American College of Cardiology

Salary Range for Remote LPN and LVN Jobs

In general, most remote LPN and LVN jobs tend to pay between $20-$30 per hour. This will vary by experience, job role, and location. For example, Utilization Management tends to pay higher than Data Abstraction. As for location, some companies pay the same rates across the country while others pay based on location (yours or theirs).  

Companies that hire Remote LPNs and LVNs

Ah, the good stuff! Who actually hires remote LPNs and LVNs? Fortunately, I have seen over 100 companies that do (stay tuned for my upcoming company database resource that will be released soon). In the meantime, here are some examples:

Blue Fish Medical
Direct Difference
Doctor on Demand
TimeDoc Health
Vesta Healthcare

This is only a glimpse of the companies that offer remote nursing jobs for LPNs and LVNs! Be sure to search our job board for your clinical license (LPN, LVN) to see what’s available right now.

You can also join our Early Alert Jobs Membership to receive daily job alerts for all the newest remote nursing jobs available out there! All jobs shared to the job board are actually shared first exclusively to Early Alert Members and held private for 1 week, with about 50% of jobs closing before ever making it to the public site.


Remote nursing jobs for LPNs and LVNs are growing fast. As telemedicine continues to expand, so do opportunities for nurses to deliver care in a virtual setting. Although COVID19 has certainly catapulted its application into everyday life, telemedicine has been steadily growing for many years. This pandemic is simply a catalyst for a larger undercurrent of change brewing in healthcare. Now is your chance to be a part of it!

Sadie Glisson

Sadie Glisson BSN, RN is the Founder of ‘The Remote Nurse,’ an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

Remote COVID19 Jobs for Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants

Remote COVID19 Jobs

Are you a burned out COVID19 frontline healthcare worker?

Are your kids schooling at home, causing you to miss work or cut your hours?

Are you immunocompromised or living with someone who is?

All of these scenarios are causing massive work-life stress for healthcare workers, including Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants.

What if I told you there was a temporary work option that would allow you to get through this challenging time with your career, family, AND health intact?

Well, there is! Let’s Talk About Remote COVID19 Jobs!

Right now, companies are hiring healthcare professionals to work from home supporting the COVID19 pandemic efforts. Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants can triage and monitor patients with COVID19 symptoms in a 100% remote setting– all via telephone and video chat– all from your own home!

What are some Remote COVID19 Jobs?

Remote COVID19 Telephone Triage

Telephone Triage involves taking calls from symptomatic or concerned patients and directing them to the appropriate level of care. Telephone Triage has existed for many years, but currently there are many jobs specifically targeting COVID19 Triage as patients call in with questions about potential symptoms or exposures. COVID19 Triage Nurses will then guide them in their care, whether it be to conduct at-home care, self-quarantine, get COVID19 tested, or even seek emergency care. 

Remote COVID19 Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is the process of containing the spread of infectious disease by identifying people with positive cases, tracking down all of their recent contacts, notifying those contacts of potential exposure, and educating them how to prevent further spread. This may involve encouraging lab testing, social distancing, or even initiating quarantine.

Remote COVID19 Leadership and Supervisory Roles

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants can be hired as leaders who oversee teams of 10-15 contact tracers and coordinate overall COVID19 Contact Tracing operations.

Remote COVID19 Occupational Health

Companies are hiring Remote Occupational Health professionals for their employee health programs to monitor and education team members about COVID19 symptoms and exposure risks. For example, if an employee tests positive, they could be assigned an Occupational Health RN to monitor their case. 

Remote COVID19 At-Home Test Kit Monitoring

Now, patients can self-administer At-Home COVID19 test kits in the comfort of their home. Some of these tests do require medical professionals to monitor for proper handling of equipment and appropriate collection procedures, both of which can be done via video conferencing.

Who is eligible for remote COVID19 jobs?

Almost all of these jobs prefer LPN, LVN, RN, ARNP, or PAs, although they don’t necessarily require it. This makes these jobs relatively accessible for licensed healthcare professionals as opposed to some of the typical remote healthcare jobs that have a long list of experience and credential requirements, making them very competitive. 

What is the schedule like for remote COVID19 Jobs?

This really depends on the company and specific role. I have seen a variety of Full-Time, Part-Time, and PRN positions. Some require regular 9-5 hours while others require nights and weekends.

Keep in mind that all of these jobs are temporary, so don’t confuse “Full-Time” with “permanent.” However, it may be a temporary way to continue working in your healthcare role while juggling childcare at home and dodging infection risks– at least until this pandemic stabilizes and we can all think straight again.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the stability of these positions is dependent on how long this pandemic lasts, which is entirely unknown. This lack of certainty is important to consider if you are the primary or only income earner in your household.

Do remote COVID19 jobs offer benefits?

All of these jobs are temporary or contract in nature so they typically do not offer benefits. Therefore, they may not be appropriate if you are the primary or only provider of health insurance in your household, unless you can seek out benefits elsewhere.

What about the pay for Remote COVID19 Jobs?

Honestly, don’t expect to get rich. The pay can be hit or miss because many of these positions do not actually require a medical license but rather prefer it. For this reason, the wages can be lower than typically expected for a licensed medical professional. I have seen Contact Tracer wages from $15-25 per hour (the Supervisory roles will offer more), Triage positions from $25-30/hr, and Test Kit monitoring wages at $10 per patient. 

What Companies are hiring for Remote COVID19 Jobs?

Remote COVID19 Telephone Triage


Remote COVID19 Contact Tracing

Applied Memetics (AMTrace)
Lacuna Health/Kindred Healthcare
Carbon Health
Rose International

Remote Occupational Health 

TRS Wellness
Tang & Company
WorkCare Inc
CORE Occupational Medicine
Axiom Health
Premise Health

Remote COVID19 Home Test Kit Monitoring

Vault Health

Other Remote COVID19 Opportunities

SteadyMD – Nurse Practitioners for COVID19 Follow Up Calls
Po`okela Solutions, LLC – COVID19 Nurse Abstractor

Keep in mind, some of these companies may be using agencies or external job boards to advertise their positions, or they might be coming directly from government websites, so it’s a good idea to also follow this search on The Remote Nurse job board, as well as this search on Indeed (hint: sign up for job alerts!).

How can I make myself stand out?

Update Your Resume

If you haven’t dusted off your resume in a while, consider updating it with one of these Nursing Resume Templates from The Resume RX (hint: use coupon code REMOTE for 20% off).

Highlight Relevant Skills

  • Experience caring for COVID19 Patients

  • Experience educating patients/families/communities about COVID19

  • Any specific Public Health knowledge or experience you have

  • Any telephonic or remote work you’ve done, particularly involving patients

Get Trained

There are a couple COVID19 Contact Tracing trainings you could look into and add to your resume. These are some of the ones I have seen recommended in job listings: 

Apply, Apply, Apply

Apply to ANY and EVERYTHING. Cast your net far and wide. It might be a good idea to target remote jobs in your local area first for less competition, but also apply to any jobs open nationwide. 


This pandemic has blown us ALL out of the water. You are not isolated in your burnout. Many of us are currently losing our minds as Full-Time caregivers, teachers, and parents. I bet you don’t even remember what you like to do in your “free time!” 

However, this too shall pass. In the meantime, in order to prevent total emotional and financial ruin, temporary Remote COVID19 Jobs could serve as a small bandaid for the gigantic gaping flesh wound that is our current situation– one that will hopefully heal soon.

Stay well and stay sane!

Sadie Glisson

Sadie Glisson BSN, RN, CTR is the Founder of The Remote Nurse, an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

Home Office Highlights: The TRIO Max, My Tri-Screen Dream!


I LOVE to work from home because I can create a variety of pop-up home office spaces around the house: the balcony, bed, yard, treadmill, toilet, whatever! However, I’m often faced with a paradoxical dilemma: do I want to be mobile or do I want to be productive?

Although I would love to sit outside and feel the breeze on my face as I work, I cannot possibly be as productive on my laptop’s single screen all day. I really need the dual screen setup in my home office. Being chained to my desk is not ideal, but I am a closet workaholic and my personality disorder(s) incline me to choose efficiency over comfort almost every time. So I sit inside, in one place, all day, locked to my invisible chains.  

Recently, however, I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know about you, but I freaking love the Fall! As daily temps dropped to the 60s and we had consumed our 47th PSL of the season (Pumpkin Spice Latte, for you noobs), I stared desperately through my home office window, visualizing myself pounding on the glass as if someone other than myself had locked me in this cage as the world outside me blossomed (well, really, died) beautifully.

I needed to get out of there, but I just could not give up the addiction to efficiency that my dual-monitors enabled. So, I opened my dear friend, “Google.” There HAD to be a laptop out there with 2 screens that would allow me to blindly ignore my pathologic need for productivity while also allowing me to feel the breeze on my face (in a flannel sweater, with a PSL, obviously).

To my absolute freaking elation, I came across a device that didn’t require me to shell out a full paycheck for a fancy new laptop! Instead, this device could actually attach to my existing laptop and allow for not only dual, but TRIPLE screens!

It was called the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max, and it was my TRI-SCREEN-DREAM.

As a mom who ignored suggestions for pelvic floor therapy post-birth, I almost peed myself. In fact, I’m 30 weeks pregnant again now, so with this bowling ball pressure, I actually might have. I regret nothing because this piece of technologic genius is the turning point in my work-from-home life!

I immediately ordered two (2) TRIO Max screens to create a tri-screen. To ensure full support from my husband, I conveniently mentioned that they could be used as external screens for his Nintendo Switch, so he basically thought I was buying something for him. The key to a happy marriage is manipulation, if you didn’t know.

Within a few short days, my order was at my doorstep (shout out to Mobile Pixels for their free warp-speed shipping)! I assembled both screens and immediately ran it out to my balcony to witness the stunning beauty of a closet workaholic finally coming out(side), embracing the crisp fall breeze with productivity intact!

This. Thing. Is. BEAUTIFUL!
And it works!

I was able to work outside for the rest of the afternoon with all 300 internet tabs accessible at once, at just about the same speed as my main desk! Per Mobile Pixels, the use of multiple screens can improve productivity by 42% and reduce errors by 20%. Now, I’m not doing a personal analysis, but I 100% scientifically agree with these stats. I answered ALL THE EMAILS. I completed ALL THE TASKS. I browsed ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA  (hey, it’s part of my job now, so it is actually productive).

The awesome thing about these Mobile Pixels TRIO Max screens is that they can easily convert from dual-screen to tri-screen, and I’m not going to lie, having 3 screens all the time is intense. I would say that the TRI-screen is good for a stable surface that you are going to be working at consistently for a couple hours, whereas the DUAL-screen is better if you are resting on less-even surfaces (like the couch) or want a bit more mobility. 

Later that afternoon, we picked up our toddler from school and used the Sidekick accessory to prop one of the screens externally so he could watch one of his 5,000 tractor videos while I finished up this post. 

And, to finish off the night, we tested out the Nintendo Switch hookup capability. Definitely a neat feature!

I’m pretty dang excited to bring my new setup around every square inch of our 1+ acre mountain property as I work from home in bliss! In the grass, on the toilet, and even from bed: no space will be underutilized (stay tuned).

If you are looking for a way to improve your work from home experience without sacrificing efficiency, I certainly recommend checking out the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max*. You can buy (1) screen for the dual-screen experience or you can buy (2) screens to create the TRI-SCREEN-DREAM. I also highly recommend the Sidekick accessory for even more portable uses.

If you are uncertain which is right for you, I would recommend trying out 1 screen first. In my opinion, the 2 screens provide a happy medium between mobility and productivity. With 3 screens, you increase productivity, but do lose a bit of mobility and maneuverability. Just my two cents!

The TRIO is 12.5″ and best for 13″-14″ laptops. 
TRIO Max is 14″ and best for 15″-17″ laptops.

Followers of The Remote Nurse get 10% OFF using coupon code: 


Swipe through below to see all the awesome pics!

Note: After some very light heavy stalking, Mobile Pixels broke down and let me become an affiliate for their product! So any purchases made through my links may result in a commission that I could use to buy 20 more screens, which I need 😉

Sadie Glisson


Sadie Glisson BSN, RN, CTR is the Founder of The Remote Nurse, an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

The Remote Nurse + The Résumé RX: How to Give Your Nursing Resume New Life

Do you need to update your nursing resume?
Have you applied to 100 positions with no response?
Did you create your resume 10 years ago and never looked back?
It’s time for a nursing resume revamp!

On today’s video, I interviewed Amanda Guarniere of The Résumé RX!

Amanda is a Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Resume Expert who offers a variety of resume services including templates, courses, and personalized consulting.

Watch the video for our discussion about:

Why a quality resume is SO important when applying for remote jobs

Critical tips to enhance your resume, showcase your skills, and get SEEN by employers

Whether or not to include a cover letter

How to navigate the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Live Demo of her resume services (spoiler: they are AFFORDABLE AF! Starting at just $27)

I am excited to announce (after some mild stalking) that I am now an affiliate for The Résumé RX! This means that the business you give Amanda also helps me in the form of a commission that I can use to evolve the community, bring in more resources, and help you find your remote dream job!

Here’s how to find The Résumé RX:

(Use coupon code REMOTE for 20% off digital products!)

Instagram: @theresumerx

Facebook: The Résumé Rx

Looking for a remote nursing job and not sure where to start? Check out my Start Here / FAQ page to begin!