LIVE List of Remote COVID-19 Nursing, NP, & PA Jobs Available NOW!

Update 6/1/2020: Many of these positions have been closed and/or filled, and as fewer new opportunities arise, any new postings will be housed solely on The Remote Nurse job board and I will no longer be updating this page!

See you next outbreak!

Are you a Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant looking to help support the COVID-19 pandemic FROM HOME via telehealth? You’ve come to the right place. Below is a *LIVE* list of remote COVID-19 Jobs available NOW!

Please let companies know you found their jobs through The Remote Nurse! This will help spread the word about our community for future partnerships and opportunities!

If you are interested in Travel Nursing opportunities, scroll down below for some resources!

Another alternative way to help right now is through Travel Nursing.

These opportunities are on FIRE right now!
(and by fire, I mean money. LOTS of it)

Check out this giant list of Trusted Health’s COVID-19 Travel Positions

The Remote Nurse + The Résumé RX: How to Give Your Nursing Resume New Life

Do you need to update your nursing resume?
Have you applied to 100 positions with no response?
Did you create your resume 10 years ago and never looked back?
It’s time for a nursing resume revamp!

On today’s video, I interviewed Amanda Guarniere of The Résumé RX!

Amanda is a Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Resume Expert who offers a variety of resume services including templates, courses, and personalized consulting.

Watch the video for our discussion about:

Why a quality resume is SO important when applying for remote jobs

Critical tips to enhance your resume, showcase your skills, and get SEEN by employers

Whether or not to include a cover letter

How to navigate the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Live Demo of her resume services (spoiler: they are AFFORDABLE AF! Starting at just $27)

I am excited to announce (after some mild stalking) that I am now an affiliate for The Résumé RX! This means that the business you give Amanda also helps me in the form of a commission that I can use to evolve the community, bring in more resources, and help you find your remote dream job!

Here’s how to find The Résumé RX:

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Instagram: @theresumerx

Facebook: The Résumé Rx

Looking for a remote nursing job and not sure where to start? Check out my Start Here / FAQ page to begin!