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Home Office Highlights: The TRIO Max, My Tri-Screen Dream!


I LOVE to work from home because I can create a variety of pop-up home office spaces around the house: the balcony, bed, yard, treadmill, toilet, whatever! However, I’m often faced with a paradoxical dilemma: do I want to be mobile or do I want to be productive?

Although I would love to sit outside and feel the breeze on my face as I work, I cannot possibly be as productive on my laptop’s single screen all day. I really need the dual screen setup in my home office. Being chained to my desk is not ideal, but I am a closet workaholic and my personality disorder(s) incline me to choose efficiency over comfort almost every time. So I sit inside, in one place, all day, locked to my invisible chains.  

Recently, however, I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know about you, but I freaking love the Fall! As daily temps dropped to the 60s and we had consumed our 47th PSL of the season (Pumpkin Spice Latte, for you noobs), I stared desperately through my home office window, visualizing myself pounding on the glass as if someone other than myself had locked me in this cage as the world outside me blossomed (well, really, died) beautifully.

I needed to get out of there, but I just could not give up the addiction to efficiency that my dual-monitors enabled. So, I opened my dear friend, “Google.” There HAD to be a laptop out there with 2 screens that would allow me to blindly ignore my pathologic need for productivity while also allowing me to feel the breeze on my face (in a flannel sweater, with a PSL, obviously).

To my absolute freaking elation, I came across a device that didn’t require me to shell out a full paycheck for a fancy new laptop! Instead, this device could actually attach to my existing laptop and allow for not only dual, but TRIPLE screens!

It was called the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max, and it was my TRI-SCREEN-DREAM.

As a mom who ignored suggestions for pelvic floor therapy post-birth, I almost peed myself. In fact, I’m 30 weeks pregnant again now, so with this bowling ball pressure, I actually might have. I regret nothing because this piece of technologic genius is the turning point in my work-from-home life!

I immediately ordered two (2) TRIO Max screens to create a tri-screen. To ensure full support from my husband, I conveniently mentioned that they could be used as external screens for his Nintendo Switch, so he basically thought I was buying something for him. The key to a happy marriage is manipulation, if you didn’t know.

Within a few short days, my order was at my doorstep (shout out to Mobile Pixels for their free warp-speed shipping)! I assembled both screens and immediately ran it out to my balcony to witness the stunning beauty of a closet workaholic finally coming out(side), embracing the crisp fall breeze with productivity intact!

This. Thing. Is. BEAUTIFUL!
And it works!

I was able to work outside for the rest of the afternoon with all 300 internet tabs accessible at once, at just about the same speed as my main desk! Per Mobile Pixels, the use of multiple screens can improve productivity by 42% and reduce errors by 20%. Now, I’m not doing a personal analysis, but I 100% scientifically agree with these stats. I answered ALL THE EMAILS. I completed ALL THE TASKS. I browsed ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA  (hey, it’s part of my job now, so it is actually productive).

The awesome thing about these Mobile Pixels TRIO Max screens is that they can easily convert from dual-screen to tri-screen, and I’m not going to lie, having 3 screens all the time is intense. I would say that the TRI-screen is good for a stable surface that you are going to be working at consistently for a couple hours, whereas the DUAL-screen is better if you are resting on less-even surfaces (like the couch) or want a bit more mobility. 

Later that afternoon, we picked up our toddler from school and used the Sidekick accessory to prop one of the screens externally so he could watch one of his 5,000 tractor videos while I finished up this post. 

And, to finish off the night, we tested out the Nintendo Switch hookup capability. Definitely a neat feature!

I’m pretty dang excited to bring my new setup around every square inch of our 1+ acre mountain property as I work from home in bliss! In the grass, on the toilet, and even from bed: no space will be underutilized (stay tuned).

If you are looking for a way to improve your work from home experience without sacrificing efficiency, I certainly recommend checking out the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max*. You can buy (1) screen for the dual-screen experience or you can buy (2) screens to create the TRI-SCREEN-DREAM. I also highly recommend the Sidekick accessory for even more portable uses.

If you are uncertain which is right for you, I would recommend trying out 1 screen first. In my opinion, the 2 screens provide a happy medium between mobility and productivity. With 3 screens, you increase productivity, but do lose a bit of mobility and maneuverability. Just my two cents!

The TRIO is 12.5″ and best for 13″-14″ laptops. 
TRIO Max is 14″ and best for 15″-17″ laptops.

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Note: After some very light heavy stalking, Mobile Pixels broke down and let me become an affiliate for their product! So any purchases made through my links may result in a commission that I could use to buy 20 more screens, which I need 😉

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