Love, Light, & Ebi

ebi nurselifern

I had no idea who the soul was behind @nurselifern – all I knew was that it touched mine.

This incredible nursing meme King had an incomprehensible way of both strengthening our bond with collective (hilarious) empowerment— while simultaneously releasing our pain with such raw vulnerability.
With this passing of Ebi and after a year of such pain, shadow, and grief in our healthcare community, we FEEL this with such a heavy, painful, and life-erasing exhale…. and in that, we leave a hollow, cracked shell of our chests. A suffocating vacuum, whose pressure begins to send micro-shockwaves, slowly reverberating and splintering the surface of the shell.
Splinters turn to cracks, cracks turn to openings, and in our utter panic & grief, we brace ourselves and gaze upwards to see what’s next, only to notice quiet beams of light beginning to shine through the cracks.
The shell continues to break down completely… shattered and jagged pieces shoot down into our abyss, convincing us that each passing raw edge will be the end of us.
And as our shell crumbles completely upon us, a blinding light blasts through with an unbounding force, and we realize… rather than the internal pressure of our sorrowed vacuum, it is actually our incredible light force that has pierced, destroyed, and freed us from the suffocation of our structures.
And now, we sit in the rubble, at the end of our inhale, with nothing left to take, no oxygen left to sustain, no time left to waste… and we are given the delicate gift to choose: what’s next?
As we begin to release our grip, let go, and give up… we realize that not everyone is given this choice. And not everyone has this power.

A power that saves the lives of our world, but now needs to turn around and save itself.
It is now our responsibility to draw upon our collective light force and with every available cell of our being, we violently push out an irreversible, unbounding, blinding explosion of power… an-all consuming exhale that never accommodates a vacuum again, and we start becoming the energy instead of falling underneath it. We start speaking, and we start demanding.
We start demanding dignified treatment.
We start demanding fair pay.
We start demanding safe working conditions.
We start demanding respect for the value of OUR beings rather than forcing ourselves to sit within the chambers of theirs.
We start demanding accountability and expulsion for the misdoings of others rather than internalizing OUR GIFTS of love, kindness, and strength to uphold the cruelty, and fragility, of others.
This is our moment to choose what’s next.
To Ebi, to all the souls lost this year, and to all healthcare professionals who have silently LOST THEMSELVES this year, this is our time. The light is shining through the cracks, and it’s our moment to choose what’s next.
What are you choosing, and how will you use your light? 💡

To donate to Ebi’s family, visit his GoFundMe here

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