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Do you work for a company that hires remote Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants?

let’s find your next great hire through The Remote Nurse!

The Remote Nurse is a 100k+ online community and job board that connects Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants to remote telehealth jobs. Tap into our network of clinicians offering a wide range of specialty backgrounds, state licenses, and certifications to meet your unique hiring needs!

Option 1:

Remote Clinician Shortlists

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Quickly & Easily connect with the top clinicians matching your unique hiring needs. We take a deep dive into our database of clinicians and identify your top matches, sending you a short & sweet list of ideal candidates to contact directly for interviews. 

Option 2:

Job Board Postings

You Do The Heavy Lifting

Share your jobs for free to our 100k+ community. We will share out your job and candidates will apply directly for you to organize, review, and screen yourself. Direct job posting links work best, but you can also send the job description + contact info for applicants to apply.

About: Remote Clinician Shortlists

Is this you?

  1. You post your remote Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant positions to major job boards.

  2. You immediately receive HUNDREDS of applications. Sometimes THOUSANDS

  3. You spend forever picking through an enormous pile of resumes, only to find the 5-10 candidates you need, only to START the hiring process.

Look, it’s a beautiful thing that your remote jobs are in demand. You have no shortage of applicants and they want your jobs BAD. But what you need is access to targeted candidates who meet YOUR exact needs– NOW– so you can find great hires and keep your company moving forward. 

How Does It Work?

  1. You Request Candidates
         You complete a simple form telling us exactly what kind of candidate you’re looking for.

  2. We Identify Candidates
         We identify the top matching candidates in our database.

  3. You Receive Ideal Candidate Referrals
         We send you a short and simple contact list of your ideal candidates.

Would You Rather DIY It?

We are happy to share your job posting for free via The Remote Nurse job board.

Simply send in your job to

Direct job posting links work best, but you can also send the job description + contact info.

Please specify:

  1. Which licenses you need (LPN, RN, NP, PA, etc.)

  2. Which states you need (Individual states, Compact States, Nationwide, Worldwide, etc).


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