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Are you a digital health company hiring remote Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants? Utilize The Remote Nurse community to find your ideal candidates!

Option 1:

Share your job out for free! Simply email your job posting HERE.

Option 2:

Find ideal candidates NOW using The Remote Nurse Job-Seeker Database!

How much time do you spend sifting through HUNDREDS of applicants for your remote Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant roles?

What if you could just hand-select your ideal applicants NOW?

You can! Just browse our database of remote Nurses, NPs, & PAs who are actively seeking remote clinical roles and find candidates based on your specific license, state, certification, and specialty hiring needs.


1. Browse & filter through the database below to see what’s available (see tutorial video at bottom of page)

2. Copy your desired Candidate IDs (or, let me find candidates for you! See more info at checkout)

3. Click “Request Your Ideal Candidates Now“! 

It’s so easy! 

Check out the LIVE Database below

(& scroll further down for a tutorial video)

**Note: Database filtering only works on DESKTOP**

Filter Dictionary:
Has Any Of: Candidate has ANY of the options you select
Has All Of: Candidate has ALL of the options you want

Not sure how to navigate the database? Check out the tutorial video below.

Remember: if you don’t really want to do all that digging, I can do it for you!

I know this database like the back of my hand, so I am happy to find ideal candidates FOR you… quickly! See more info at checkout

Not ready for the datebase yet?

You can simply share out your remote clinical jobs to 100k+ Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants within The Remote Nurse community!

Just email me the direct job link (or the job description + application contact info) to

All jobs are shared first to participants of The Remote Nurse Membership and held private for 1 week. Then, I open the jobs up to the public website (20k views per month), our larger social media community (80k FB Groups, 12K IG, 3k LinkedIn), and our email list (20k). You will certainly find a steady flow of applicants!

Thanks for sharing your jobs!

If you have any questions or business inquiries, email me at

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