It’s true! Nurses can work remotely… from home!

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The Remote Nurse – Early Alert Jobs Membership for Nurses (LPN, LVN, RN)

Exclusive membership program for NURSES (LVN/LPN/RN)* looking for Remote/Work-From-Home Telehealth Jobs!

  • Receive notifications of 50+ new Remote Nursing Jobs postings per week– all sent directly to your inbox each weekday.
  • These jobs are held private to members for 1 WEEK before notification is sent to the rest of our 50,000+ member community at The Remote Nurse!
  • Membership is month-to-month, meaning you can cancel anytime. This makes it easy to opt-out if you land your remote job! 

FUN FACT: 47% of these jobs are CLOSED after 1 week, so only about half of the jobs shared to Early Alert Members ever make it out to the larger community!

*This membership is NOT YET for NP/PAs, sorry! All NP/PA jobs are currently posted in real time on our job board*

Remote Nursing Jobs CRASH COURSE

This 1+hr video course details 12 different types of Remote Nursing Job Roles you can find right now, how to find them, and common Remote Nursing FAQ I get all the time!


  • About ‘The Remote Nurse’
  • Intro to Telehealth & Remote Nursing
  • Common Questions about Remote Nursing
    • What kind of jobs are there?
    • How do find remote jobs. 
    • I have bedside experience but not remote experience
    • Will working from home allow me to stay home with my kids?
    • Any remote jobs for LPNs?
    • Can I get a remote job as a New Grad?
    • Opportunities in XYZ state
    • Opportunities for XYZ specialties
    • Are there are PRN/Part-Time Remote jobs?
    • Pay/Salary for Remote Nursing Jobs
  • 12 Types of Remote Nursing Jobs Available TODAY
  • Start Your Job Search
  • Resources Coming Soon
  • How to Find Me / The Remote Nurse
Sadie Glisson

Sadie Glisson BSN, RN, CTR is the Founder of The Remote Nurse, an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

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