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Remote COVID19 Jobs for Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants

Remote COVID19 Jobs

Are you a burned out COVID19 frontline healthcare worker?

Are your kids schooling at home, causing you to miss work or cut your hours?

Are you immunocompromised or living with someone who is?

All of these scenarios are causing massive work-life stress for healthcare workers, including Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants.

What if I told you there was a temporary work option that would allow you to get through this challenging time with your career, family, AND health intact?

Well, there is! Let’s Talk About Remote COVID19 Jobs!

Right now, companies are hiring healthcare professionals to work from home supporting the COVID19 pandemic efforts. Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants can triage and monitor patients with COVID19 symptoms in a 100% remote setting– all via telephone and video chat– all from your own home!

What are some Remote COVID19 Jobs?

Remote COVID19 Telephone Triage

Telephone Triage involves taking calls from symptomatic or concerned patients and directing them to the appropriate level of care. Telephone Triage has existed for many years, but currently there are many jobs specifically targeting COVID19 Triage as patients call in with questions about potential symptoms or exposures. COVID19 Triage Nurses will then guide them in their care, whether it be to conduct at-home care, self-quarantine, get COVID19 tested, or even seek emergency care. 

Remote COVID19 Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is the process of containing the spread of infectious disease by identifying people with positive cases, tracking down all of their recent contacts, notifying those contacts of potential exposure, and educating them how to prevent further spread. This may involve encouraging lab testing, social distancing, or even initiating quarantine.

Remote COVID19 Leadership and Supervisory Roles

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants can be hired as leaders who oversee teams of 10-15 contact tracers and coordinate overall COVID19 Contact Tracing operations.

Remote COVID19 Occupational Health

Companies are hiring Remote Occupational Health professionals for their employee health programs to monitor and education team members about COVID19 symptoms and exposure risks. For example, if an employee tests positive, they could be assigned an Occupational Health RN to monitor their case. 

Remote COVID19 At-Home Test Kit Monitoring

Now, patients can self-administer At-Home COVID19 test kits in the comfort of their home. Some of these tests do require medical professionals to monitor for proper handling of equipment and appropriate collection procedures, both of which can be done via video conferencing.

Who is eligible for remote COVID19 jobs?

Almost all of these jobs prefer LPN, LVN, RN, ARNP, or PAs, although they don’t necessarily require it. This makes these jobs relatively accessible for licensed healthcare professionals as opposed to some of the typical remote healthcare jobs that have a long list of experience and credential requirements, making them very competitive. 

What is the schedule like for remote COVID19 Jobs?

This really depends on the company and specific role. I have seen a variety of Full-Time, Part-Time, and PRN positions. Some require regular 9-5 hours while others require nights and weekends.

Keep in mind that all of these jobs are temporary, so don’t confuse “Full-Time” with “permanent.” However, it may be a temporary way to continue working in your healthcare role while juggling childcare at home and dodging infection risks– at least until this pandemic stabilizes and we can all think straight again.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the stability of these positions is dependent on how long this pandemic lasts, which is entirely unknown. This lack of certainty is important to consider if you are the primary or only income earner in your household.

Do remote COVID19 jobs offer benefits?

All of these jobs are temporary or contract in nature so they typically do not offer benefits. Therefore, they may not be appropriate if you are the primary or only provider of health insurance in your household, unless you can seek out benefits elsewhere.

What about the pay for Remote COVID19 Jobs?

Honestly, don’t expect to get rich. The pay can be hit or miss because many of these positions do not actually require a medical license but rather prefer it. For this reason, the wages can be lower than typically expected for a licensed medical professional. I have seen Contact Tracer wages from $15-25 per hour (the Supervisory roles will offer more), Triage positions from $25-30/hr, and Test Kit monitoring wages at $10 per patient. 

What Companies are hiring for Remote COVID19 Jobs?

Remote COVID19 Telephone Triage


Remote COVID19 Contact Tracing

Applied Memetics (AMTrace)
Lacuna Health/Kindred Healthcare
Carbon Health
Rose International

Remote Occupational Health 

TRS Wellness
Tang & Company
WorkCare Inc
CORE Occupational Medicine
Axiom Health
Premise Health

Remote COVID19 Home Test Kit Monitoring

Vault Health

Other Remote COVID19 Opportunities

SteadyMD – Nurse Practitioners for COVID19 Follow Up Calls
Po`okela Solutions, LLC – COVID19 Nurse Abstractor

Keep in mind, some of these companies may be using agencies or external job boards to advertise their positions, or they might be coming directly from government websites, so it’s a good idea to also follow this search on The Remote Nurse job board, as well as this search on Indeed (hint: sign up for job alerts!).

How can I make myself stand out?

Update Your Resume

If you haven’t dusted off your resume in a while, consider updating it with one of these Nursing Resume Templates from The Resume RX (hint: use coupon code REMOTE for 20% off).

Highlight Relevant Skills

  • Experience caring for COVID19 Patients

  • Experience educating patients/families/communities about COVID19

  • Any specific Public Health knowledge or experience you have

  • Any telephonic or remote work you’ve done, particularly involving patients

Get Trained

There are a couple COVID19 Contact Tracing trainings you could look into and add to your resume. These are some of the ones I have seen recommended in job listings: 

Apply, Apply, Apply

Apply to ANY and EVERYTHING. Cast your net far and wide. It might be a good idea to target remote jobs in your local area first for less competition, but also apply to any jobs open nationwide. 


This pandemic has blown us ALL out of the water. You are not isolated in your burnout. Many of us are currently losing our minds as Full-Time caregivers, teachers, and parents. I bet you don’t even remember what you like to do in your “free time!” 

However, this too shall pass. In the meantime, in order to prevent total emotional and financial ruin, temporary Remote COVID19 Jobs could serve as a small bandaid for the gigantic gaping flesh wound that is our current situation– one that will hopefully heal soon.

Stay well and stay sane!

Sadie Glisson

Sadie Glisson BSN, RN, CTR is the Founder of The Remote Nurse, an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.