Are there any remote jobs for XYZ specialty?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Many opportunities are available out there.

For example:

  • NICU nurses could become NICU case managers
  • Research nurses could become remote trial auditors
  • Home health nurses can do OASIS coding
  • ED/urgent care/pediatric nurses can do telephone triage
  • Oncology nurses can do oncology data abstraction

When you go on my Job Board, you can select as few or as many Job Tags as you want, including specific job titles or specialty areas:

  • Job Titles: Case Management, Triage, Data Abstraction, Education, etc.
  • Specialty Areas: NICU, Home Health, Oncology, etc.

The only way to really discover what might work for you is to browse. See what fits best with your background, interests, and future goals and then head in that direction!

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