Are there any remote jobs in XYZ state?

Yes, yes, and yes!

But keep in mind, many remote jobs are offered by companies based out of certain locations, but they allow remote workers nationwide. Don’t get too specific about the jobs being in a certain state because you will eliminate a lot of options!

On my Job Board have created the option to search by state license. Simply go to the home page and select all that apply:

  • “NATIONWIDE” (for jobs that allow any state license across the country)
  • “COMPACT” (if you have a compact license
  • “INDIVIDUAL STATES” (whichever state license(s) you hold)

If navigating outside my site, I suggest conducting searches with

  • The location field BLANK (for the jobs that allow any state license)
  • If you want to do some searches that specify your state, add it as another KEYWORD, not a location.

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