How do I find remote Nursing, NP, & PA jobs?

Lucky for you, I have shed gallons of blood, sweat, and tears creating a job board SPECIFICALLY for remote Nurse, NP, and PA Jobs here!

Each job posting gets categorized with the following UNIQUE, SEARCHABLE tags:


    Nurses (LPN, LVN, MSN, RN)

    Nurse Practitioners (ARNP, CNM, DNP, FNP, PMHNP, PNP, WHNP)

    Physican Assistants


    Nationwide: This will pull any jobs that hire nationwide, which means they allow any state license
    (ALWAYS select this in addition to the ones below)

    Compact: For Nurses, this indicates a job that allows nurses to have a Compact License in lei of one specific state license
    (ALWAYS select this if you have one. If you don’t, I highly recommend you upgrade! More info on Nursing Compact License here).

    Individual States: Select whichever individual state license(s) you hold. This will show any jobs that require one or more of these licenses.

    You can select a variety of job specifications, like:
    Job Titles: Case Management, Triage, Education
    Job Specialties: NICU, Home Health, Oncology
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