What certifications, licenses, or educational courses do I need for remote jobs?

Most jobs are really looking for solid experience in the job role that you are applying for. For this reason, your best bet is to decide what interests you, try to find that job in your town, do that job for 2-3 years, and then look for that same job in a remote setting. You will DEFINITELY get more opportunities!

That being said, there are some commonly required licenses/certs:

  • BSN, RN: Most common requirement, most widely available
  • ADN, RN: Also requested on many postings
  • LPN/LVN: These jobs are less abundant, but still available
  • CPC: Often required for Nurse Coding jobs
  • MSN: Nursing Education sometimes requires an MSN (but most require DNP).
  • DNP: Best prospects for higher level Nursing Education roles
  • ARNP/FNP: Telemedicine, sick visits, specialty telehealth
  • PMHNP: Most widely available remote NP role
  • PNP/WHNP/CNM: Less common role, but sometimes available for telehealth
  • PA-C: Telemedicine, sick visits, specialty telehealth

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