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Home Office Highlights: The TRIO Max, My Tri-Screen Dream!


I LOVE to work from home because I can create a variety of pop-up home office spaces around the house: the balcony, bed, yard, treadmill, toilet, whatever! However, I’m often faced with a paradoxical dilemma: do I want to be mobile or do I want to be productive?

Although I would love to sit outside and feel the breeze on my face as I work, I cannot possibly be as productive on my laptop’s single screen all day. I really need the dual screen setup in my home office. Being chained to my desk is not ideal, but I am a closet workaholic and my personality disorder(s) incline me to choose efficiency over comfort almost every time. So I sit inside, in one place, all day, locked to my invisible chains.  

Recently, however, I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know about you, but I freaking love the Fall! As daily temps dropped to the 60s and we had consumed our 47th PSL of the season (Pumpkin Spice Latte, for you noobs), I stared desperately through my home office window, visualizing myself pounding on the glass as if someone other than myself had locked me in this cage as the world outside me blossomed (well, really, died) beautifully.

I needed to get out of there, but I just could not give up the addiction to efficiency that my dual-monitors enabled. So, I opened my dear friend, “Google.” There HAD to be a laptop out there with 2 screens that would allow me to blindly ignore my pathologic need for productivity while also allowing me to feel the breeze on my face (in a flannel sweater, with a PSL, obviously).

To my absolute freaking elation, I came across a device that didn’t require me to shell out a full paycheck for a fancy new laptop! Instead, this device could actually attach to my existing laptop and allow for not only dual, but TRIPLE screens!

It was called the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max, and it was my TRI-SCREEN-DREAM.

As a mom who ignored suggestions for pelvic floor therapy post-birth, I almost peed myself. In fact, I’m 30 weeks pregnant again now, so with this bowling ball pressure, I actually might have. I regret nothing because this piece of technologic genius is the turning point in my work-from-home life!

I immediately ordered two (2) TRIO Max screens to create a tri-screen. To ensure full support from my husband, I conveniently mentioned that they could be used as external screens for his Nintendo Switch, so he basically thought I was buying something for him. The key to a happy marriage is manipulation, if you didn’t know.

Within a few short days, my order was at my doorstep (shout out to Mobile Pixels for their free warp-speed shipping)! I assembled both screens and immediately ran it out to my balcony to witness the stunning beauty of a closet workaholic finally coming out(side), embracing the crisp fall breeze with productivity intact!

This. Thing. Is. BEAUTIFUL!
And it works!

I was able to work outside for the rest of the afternoon with all 300 internet tabs accessible at once, at just about the same speed as my main desk! Per Mobile Pixels, the use of multiple screens can improve productivity by 42% and reduce errors by 20%. Now, I’m not doing a personal analysis, but I 100% scientifically agree with these stats. I answered ALL THE EMAILS. I completed ALL THE TASKS. I browsed ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA  (hey, it’s part of my job now, so it is actually productive).

The awesome thing about these Mobile Pixels TRIO Max screens is that they can easily convert from dual-screen to tri-screen, and I’m not going to lie, having 3 screens all the time is intense. I would say that the TRI-screen is good for a stable surface that you are going to be working at consistently for a couple hours, whereas the DUAL-screen is better if you are resting on less-even surfaces (like the couch) or want a bit more mobility. 

Later that afternoon, we picked up our toddler from school and used the Sidekick accessory to prop one of the screens externally so he could watch one of his 5,000 tractor videos while I finished up this post. 

And, to finish off the night, we tested out the Nintendo Switch hookup capability. Definitely a neat feature!

I’m pretty dang excited to bring my new setup around every square inch of our 1+ acre mountain property as I work from home in bliss! In the grass, on the toilet, and even from bed: no space will be underutilized (stay tuned).

If you are looking for a way to improve your work from home experience without sacrificing efficiency, I certainly recommend checking out the Mobile Pixels TRIO Max*. You can buy (1) screen for the dual-screen experience or you can buy (2) screens to create the TRI-SCREEN-DREAM. I also highly recommend the Sidekick accessory for even more portable uses.

If you are uncertain which is right for you, I would recommend trying out 1 screen first. In my opinion, the 2 screens provide a happy medium between mobility and productivity. With 3 screens, you increase productivity, but do lose a bit of mobility and maneuverability. Just my two cents!

The TRIO is 12.5″ and best for 13″-14″ laptops. 
TRIO Max is 14″ and best for 15″-17″ laptops.

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Swipe through below to see all the awesome pics!

Note: After some very light heavy stalking, Mobile Pixels broke down and let me become an affiliate for their product! So any purchases made through my links may result in a commission that I could use to buy 20 more screens, which I need 😉


Sadie Glisson BSN, RN, CTR is the Founder of The Remote Nurse, an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

HEDIS Abstraction: A Seasonal Remote Gig for Nurses

As a nurse, wouldn’t you love a supplemental job that allows you to work from home without seeing, touching, or even speaking to patients? HEDIS Abstraction might be for you!

On our Facebook group Remote Nursing Jobs, I am often asked about HEDIS abstraction and how nurses can find remote work in this lesser known specialty.

Remote HEDIS Abstraction was actually my very first remote nursing job and helped pave the way for my remote future. It can be a great way to break in to both the remote nursing field and also the data abstraction & quality improvement fields!

What is HEDIS?

HEDIS stands for the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set and it is a tool used every year by the majority of health plans to measure quality of care.

There are a plethora of quality measures in the areas of childhood immunizations, cancer screenings, diabetes care, hypertension control, behavioral health monitoring, and much more. Because of the wide variety of specialty areas, HEDIS Abstraction has something to offer for almost any nurse!

For more info on HEDIS, check out the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the full list of 2020 HEDIS Measures.

What is HEDIS Data Abstraction?

Data abstraction is basically the process of reviewing a full story and pulling key information that can be transformed into usable data for quality monitoring, clinical research, and more.

HEDIS nurses review medical records and abstract information like blood pressure readings, dates of immunizations, and results of diabetic eye exams. This data is tracked on a larger scale to measure how well health plans and providers follow appropriate patient care guidelines, which in turn, indicates their overall quality.

When is HEDIS season?

The HEDIS quality improvement cycle is a year-round effort. HEDIS data abstraction is just one (significant) piece of that cycle that occurs from January to May.

During this time, nurses evaluate charts from the previous year (so, 2021 HEDIS nurses will be reviewing 2020 medical records—YIKES! What a year!). Therefore, it is a seasonal option for nurses and a great way to build supplemental cashflow for the summer vacation you will so desperately need after finishing up a busy HEDIS season!

After May, the HEDIS results are reviewed by auditors and, by the end of the year, the results are ready for reporting, just in time for the next HEDIS abstraction season to begin!

What is the pay for HEDIS abstraction?

Typically HEDIS Abstraction nurses will make anywhere from $25-$35+ per hour depending on experience and location.

Though HEDIS abstraction is seasonal and temporary, companies offer both full-time and part-time hours during this time. Some companies require the nurse to work during business hours (M-F 8-5) while others allow you to get your hours in any time by the end of the week. Chart volume can also vary from week-to-week and even morning-to-night, so the total estimated income can vary after accounting for all these factors.

Many nurses do HEDIS abstraction on top of their normal full-time jobs, while some only do HEDIS for half the year and then take the rest of the year off! Hey, if you can make that happen, why not?

Are all HEDIS Abstraction Jobs Remote?

No. In fact, many HEDIS positions are locally-based and require the nurse to travel to physician offices and review charts on-site. However, more and more companies are offering remote HEDIS abstraction opportunities where these medical records are uploaded to electronic portals that can be reviewed by nurses working remotely from home (in their pajamas)!

How do I become qualified for HEDIS abstraction?

Most nurses gain experience on the job. In addition to applying to any and every remote HEDIS Abstraction job you can find, my biggest advice for landing a remote role is to first look in your local community for HEDIS positions. After at least 1 year (“season”) of experience, you will be much more qualified for remote work in subsequent seasons. 

Another thing you can do is review your job history. Have you worked in a physician office that complied with HEDIS guidelines? Are you knowledgeable of HEDIS measures? Have any of your job duties supported HEDIS compliance? Have you done any chart review or data abstraction outside of HEDIS? Tailor your resume to highlight these attributes. Most nurses are experienced at the bedside and this is reflected in almost every nursing resume. How can you show you have HEDIS-related experience?

Side note: if you are in need of a new nursing resume, check out The Resume RX! Amanda is an NP and Nursing Resume expert who offers beautiful resume templates, DIY resume revamp courses, and customized resume services, too!

Do HEDIS positions offer benefits?

Many HEDIS abstraction positions are contract, temporary, seasonal jobs that do not offer benefits even though you may be working full-time hours.

You may be considered a 1099 independent contractor, meaning you employ yourself and need to manage your own tax responsibility (taxes are not taken out of every paycheck). You should set aside about 30-40% of your paycheck for this and be sure to track your total seasonal income for reporting on your tax return.

Being a contractor is really not as intimidating as it sounds, especially with an accountant or income & tax tracking software to assist you. And, of course, an occasional call to the IRS… after a 2-hour hold (just kidding— the IRS website is EXTREMELY helpful and can mitigate the need for any calls).

Which Companies Hire Remote HEDIS Nurses?

  • And More! 

When Should I Start Looking for HEDIS positions?

HEDIS Abstraction job postings start going up in early Fall, around mid-September with the peak time being October-November. Interviews are typically conducted in November-December with hiring decisions made by December-January for start dates of January-February (that was a mouthful).

Here are some common job titles you may see:

  • HEDIS Abstractor

  • HEDIS Abstraction Nurse

  • HEDIS Review Nurse

  • Abstraction Nurse

  • Quality Abstractor

  • Data Abstractor

  • HEDIS Specialist

You can find current Remote HEDIS positions on The Remote Nurse Job Board using our HEDIS Specialty keyword search.

Want to be the first to see all the Remote HEDIS Nurse jobs scattered around the internet? Stop spending hours searching! I already have a system in place!

Join our Early Alert Jobs Membership where I find, organize, and share new remote nursing jobs directly to your inbox every weekday so you can get on with your dang life. All jobs are shared privately to members for 1 whole week before being shared out to the larger social media community. Plus, membership is month-to-month, meaning you can cancel any time if you land a job or just want to become your own job-hunting-ninja.


HEDIS abstraction can be a great option for nurses looking to make supplemental income while never stepping foot outside their house (no, really, HEDIS season can get so busy on top of your normal job that you may not leave the house for 5 months).

Make sure to figure out your local grocery delivery services ahead of time. Get comfortable with wearing the same disgusting clothes for days on end. 

As a hermit who loves making money and neglects personal hygiene on the regular, I’m all in!

How about you?

Sadie Glisson BSN, RN, CTR is the Founder of ‘The Remote Nurse, ‘an online community and job board designed to connect Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with remote, work-from-home telehealth jobs. Sadie has been working from home as a nurse for several years and now uses her expertise to help others break into the burgeoning field of telehealth to create more sustainable careers while advancing the next generation of healthcare.

The Remote Nurse + The Résumé RX: How to Give Your Nursing Resume New Life

Do you need to update your nursing resume?
Have you applied to 100 positions with no response?
Did you create your resume 10 years ago and never looked back?
It’s time for a nursing resume revamp!

On today’s video, I interviewed Amanda Guarniere of The Résumé RX!

Amanda is a Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Resume Expert who offers a variety of resume services including templates, courses, and personalized consulting.

Watch the video for our discussion about:

Why a quality resume is SO important when applying for remote jobs

Critical tips to enhance your resume, showcase your skills, and get SEEN by employers

Whether or not to include a cover letter

How to navigate the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Live Demo of her resume services (spoiler: they are AFFORDABLE AF! Starting at just $27)

I am excited to announce (after some mild stalking) that I am now an affiliate for The Résumé RX! This means that the business you give Amanda also helps me in the form of a commission that I can use to evolve the community, bring in more resources, and help you find your remote dream job!

Here’s how to find The Résumé RX:

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Instagram: @theresumerx

Facebook: The Résumé Rx

Looking for a remote nursing job and not sure where to start? Check out my Start Here / FAQ page to begin!